EAFPS Deep Extended Lift Course 

21 Giu, 2022 | Docenze, News

It is with my great pleasure to present the course focused on facial rejuvenation which will take place in Milan on 13 and 14 January 2023. The Deep Extended Lift has aroused a lot of interest in those involved in facial rejuvenation and like all surgical techniques, requires an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the cervicofacial area. This is why we have planned the course in two distinct and consecutive moments. The first day aims to guide the participants in the dissection of fresh anatomical specimens (two students for each specimen), a fundamental step to understand the districts, structures and dynamics of the Deep Lift.

The second day of live surgery will focus on surgery in an interactive environment to understand the steps and clarify the procedure while operating on the patient. Interesting lectures will follow discussing ancillary and injective techniques, useful for completing and understanding facial rejuvenation. We are hoping to carry out the course in Italian and English.


eafps-Deep Extended Lift Course
Eafps-Deep Extended Lift Course