Alessandro Gualdi a Losanna: Anatomy and main surgical procedures for face aesthetics and aesthetic medicine Course

1 Lug, 2017 | Docenze


This three-day hands on dissection course will be held on the weekend of the 30th of June and 1st, 2nd of July 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland and will focus on the anatomy and main surgical procedures for face aesthetics and aesthetic medicine (Hyaluronic Acid fillers and Botulinum Toxin).


The Lausanne Facial Aesthetic Course is unique as it associates anatomical dissections (including demonstration of the dangerous zones and how to avoid them) with the explanantion step-by-step of the surgeries, with plenty of time for hands on work and discussions with the world renown faculty and tutors.


Chairmans:   Dr. G. Botti (Italy), Dr. Y. Saban (France)

Members:       Dr. A. Gualdi (Italy), Dr. D. Bertossi (Italy)

Local Hosts:  Dr. Pietramaggiori (Switzerland), Dr. Scherer (Switzerland)


Department of Anatomy, University of Lausanne, Rue de Bugnon 9, 1005 Switzerland


  • Review and understand the anatomy of the face and neck on fresh specimens
  • Identify and avoid the “facial danger zones” in aesthetic surgery and medicine
  • Discuss the indications for surgery and specific aesthetic medicine procedures
  • Learn the most important surgical techniques in facial aesthetic surgery
  • Learn a safe and effective approach for injecting the botolinum toxin
  • Learn where and how to inject dermal fillers and develop your skills


Module 1, Day 1 : FRIDAY 30/06/17

08:00-08:30        Inscription & Coffee

08:30-10:30        Forehead, upper and lower Blepharoplasty

10:30-12:30        Hands on participant dissections

12:30-13:30        LUNCH BREAK

13:30-15:00        Canthoplasty and Midface lift

15:00-17:30        Hands on participant dissections


Module 1, Day 2 : SATURDAY 01/07/17

08:00-08:30      Coffee

08:30-10:30      Facelift

10:30-12:30      Hands on participant dissections

12:30-13:30      LUNCH BREAK

13:30-15:00      Basic Rhinoplasty

15:00-17:30      Hands on participant dissections


Module 2, Day 3: SUNDAY 02/07/17

08:00-08:30      Coffee

08:30-09:30      Anatomy of the face for Aesthetic medicine

09:30-11:00      Botulinum toxin and Fillers: advanced indications

11:00-13:00      Hands on participant dissections